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Heat Wave Sweet Rave

We are still finalizing the schedule, but below you can find a tenative list of activities for the day.

2:30 PM - Nerdball
3:30 PM - Photobooth Opens, Telestrations Begins
4:00 PM - Tie-dye, Cornhole
4:30 PM - Mario Kart Grand Prix Heat 1 (pt. 1)
5:00 PM - Pie Eating Contest
5:30 PM - Mario Kart Grand Prix resumes
6:00 PM - Ball Pit opens, Sick Ink
6:30 PM - Dinner
7:30 PM - Book Exchange
9:30 PM - Ice Cream Sundae Bar opens
10:00 PM - Heat Wave Sweet Rave toast, Award Ceremony

What to Expect

The Heat Wave is full of silly games and activities, and should be a blast for everyone - no matter if this is your first Riley Brothers party or your 21st. Check out descriptions of the various activities on the main page. For dinner, we'll be having BBQ like last year - two different types of meat TBD. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies or requests for accommodations of any kind!

What to Bring

Great question! In addition to a desire for fun in the sun and shade, you should bring the following things: