Friends' End Day

As we did last year, the Riley Brothers will be pairing workshops together. While this allows us to have more than three workshops during the day, it does mean that you'll have to choose between two options. In order to help us create fair pairings that aren't lopsided, we'd like to know what you're interested in! N.B. This is not a sign-up list, just a ranking of workshops according to your preference. We'll keep the results a secret - you won't offend us!

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Oh, Y'all Got Jokes, Huh? An Intro to Stand-up Comedy*
Facilitator: James Riley

What's the deal with Stand-Up comedy? In this brief introduction to comedy we will be talking about different styles of humor in the history of stand-up. We will also discuss the ways in which comedians write jokes and workshop jokes of our own. With an eye looking toward performance, each participant will write out their own tight five (or less) and perform it at the night's showcase.

The Improv of Crafting*
Facilitator: Jill Connolly

There's something powerful in creating an item from raw materials. Even as a kid you can feel it: sitting down surrounded by Popsicle sticks, glue, markers and paper, ready to make a gift for a parent. Many people today have continued to fashion something personal to share with others. In this workshop, Jill Connolly approaches crafting through the lens of self-care (treat yo self!).

The Craft of Improv*
Facilitator: Dave Davis

Improv has a lot to teach us about life: each of us, working together, can add something to a scene that brings joy to the faces of others. In this workshop, Dave Davis will teach you some basic improv games then let you and your team dive into the fun! Each team (at least three people) will have time to perform an improv routine in front of the other, trading back and forth as you hone your skills. You’ll be able to perform again for everyone later in the evening if you want. We encourage everyone to consider this - not just the actors and extroverts!

Sing A New Song: Collaborative Songwriting*
Facilitator: Paul Riley

Going from singing a song in the shower or playing air guitar is not as much of a jump as you might think. It's certainly easier if you've played an instrument or written anything (especially poetry), but in this workshop we’ll prove that anyone can write a song. We'll explore a few different genres, three approaches to writing, then collaborate to create a song of our own.

Making Shit Up: A VERY Brief Writer's Workshop*
Facilitator: James Riley

Everyone has a story. Everyone can put pen to paper and come out with a worthwhile narrative that other people will read eagerly. But sometimes the process takes time and it always takes effort. In this mini writer's workshop we will write short pieces of fiction. We will also work on giving constructive and honest feedback on the stories produced. Special attention will be given to relevant ideas in fiction such as plot and character.

Become a Super Hero*
Facilitator: Will Wiggins

Everyone has something about them that makes them special. That makes them... heroic. That makes them a super hero. In this workshop, we'll delve into things that make ourselves, or someone else we know, totally iconic or heroic, and make that into a super power. Then, we'll transition that into how to apply a character design around that. Designs can vary in complexity, from simple cartoon to realistic comic character.