Are you stranded somewhere for the Hootenanny? Did your parents "forget" you on their madcap dash to the airport? Are you tired of dealing with the mildly amusing antics of Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci with murderous Saw-like traps? Well you are in luck!

The Riley Bros. are proud to present the Kevin McCallister Memorial Fund. If you have the ability to make it to the Hootenanny but lack the financial means, we may be able to help. The Kevin McCallister Memorial Fund was established to provide deserving applicants with the travel funds necessary to make it to the greatest seasonal party on the East Coast.

Please write us at or The Kevin McCallister Memorial Fund / 54 Thomas St. / Medford, MA 02155 explaining your situation, travel plans, amount you are looking for, and reason for wanting to come. We will get back to you as quickly as we can with our determination and, hopefully, the amount we can offer.

No one deserves to be Home Alone on the Hoot, so please let us know your need. We will leave a cheese pizza for you.

We are only able to run this program thanks to the support and patronage of your generosity. Please consider donating to the Hoot Fund from which this and all other Hoot-related programs are funded. For more information please write the above addresses.