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The history of Nerdball is shrouded in the foul-smelling mists of time. What we do know is that James Riley created the sport and several people have experienced the dizzying highs and crushing lows of participating in a game of Nerdball. Usually, a Nerdball is a mass of duct tape collected from some source. The only two Nerdballs known to exist were found, not made, as gifts from gods often are. If you wish to discover the joys of Nerdball, then read below and enter into a world of greatness.

  1. The most basic rule of Nerdball is that there must be teams. The number of players per team and the amount of teams is determined before the game begins.
  2. Players must then determine the boundaries of the Nerdball field and team goals. During the game, if a player has possession of the Nerdball and enters the opposing team's goal, his or her team is awarded points. The value of this event must be determined after establishing boundaries and team goals. Additionally, each team must agree on the point value; it will be the same for both teams.
  3. Teams must determine a total point goal. Whichever team reaches this total first is the winner.
  4. Teams must decide who will first receive possession of the Nerdball. This can be done in whatever manner the teams choose. These methods can include, but are not limited to, Rock/Paper/Scissors, Eeny/meeny/miny/moe, mud wrestling or Russian Roulette.
  5. The team that receives the first possession of the Nerdball is able to make one rule and assign a point value to that rule. (An example rule could be "If you crabwalk from one goal to another, you receive thirty points.") Teams must remember that points value should be sensible in regards to the action performed. (I.E., there should be no rules such as "If you jump in the air you get one hundred points.") Additionally, no team can assign a point value that is the exact point value necessary for them to win. (I.E., Team A needs thirteen points to win. Team A cannot make a rule that would grant them thirteen points.)
  6. Teams must reach the point total exactly. If teams go over, they began at zero. (Team B is trying to reach the 100 point total. They have 97 points but receive four points for some action. Their score is now 1.)

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